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Why not bedazzle your outside haven with a sparkly chandelier? I love the enchanting look of a summer night outside, with lots of lighting. These chandeliers add more to the ambiance with a touch of glamor, without being too flashy

Don’t want to mess with electricity or annoying wires?  Try a chandelier that is illuminated with candles. You can even go with a safer, easier option: flame-less candles.

Classy porch dining

Um, did that last pic not take your breath away? How about that for a backyard (with a gorgeous turquoise table to match)!

love, b


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It can be a little awkward the moment you decide to turn your car around and pick up the junk you just spotted on the side road. Maybe even a little embarrassing. But in the end…it’s totally worth it.

Take these two little chairs for example.

It wasn’t the mosaic dragonfly pattern on the seat that I fell in love with. In fact, I had to look way past that. What I really loved was the iron work on the back of the chair. I saw the potential. And did I mention they were free??

So I set off to find the prefect pattern of fabric to make cushions. i chose a navy blue outdoor pattern. These chairs sit on my front porch, so I knew the fabric needed to be neutral,  go well with all seasons, and it wouldn’t clash with my “Country Club Green” door.

For the “cushy” part of the cushions, I purchased thick craft foam from Joanns Fabrics. I then cut the foam to fit the round seat.

After cutting the foam, I added some cute buttons. First I affixed a washer with thread and needle in order for the button to be more sturdy. The button was then sewed on over the washer.

Then it was time to adhere the cushions onto the actually seat. I had to completely remove the seat from the chair. Rusty screws did not make this easy! (please excuse our patchy grass in background)

Then….hello staple gun….

Lots of heavy duty staples and some hot glue did the trick.

Finally, the last step was simply screwing the seat back on. This project was super easy and I was really impressed by how they turned out!

Like I had mentioned before, these chairs are landing themselves back on my front porch. here’s a good ol’ fashioned before and after shot.

Here’s another pic, a little more staged 🙂

Have a happy Tuesday!

love, b

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a girl can dream.

About a new kitchen that is. I love my kitchen. But there are definitely things I would change about it. Number one being the fact that our washer are dryer are in there. Kitchens are meant for cooking and gathering…dirty boxers have no place there!! But that change will not come anytime soon. There are a few adjustments I’d like to make sooner rather then later.

I love the look of open shelving in the kitchen. Here are a few shots of some beautiful, open, airy storage spaces in the kitchen.

I love the floating white shelves of the second picture. I want to remove the picture and place some right above the lovely…washer.

Another reno I’d love to undertake is a deep, porcelain sink. Something about a crisp, clean, BIG white sink screams southern homentality 🙂

Here’s my steel sink. It gets the job done, but hey a girl can dream.

I’ve been stopping by Habitat for Humanity, and they have a TON to choose from. I just haven’t found the perfect one yet.

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marine proud.




Check out this post from Fox 2 in St.Louis. It features pictures from Marine Week, including my brother!! He trains dogs as a part of the Marine Police unit. He’s already served in one tour, and is anticipating another towards the end of the year. Our family is SO proud of our marine! He is the dog handler in pictures 34-55. Love ya bro


love, b







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The hubs and I are getting ready to celebrate our two year anniversary! Last year we stuck to the traditional gift of “paper” for year number one. And we’re going to try to commit every year and get each other a small version of the conventional gift. I thought I’d share what I got for Jared last year.

One of my favorite things about marriage has been the traveling with the hubs. There’s nothing like sitting in the airport with Jared, anticipating a new adventure!! While we’re not ready for kids quiet yet, we hope to travel as much as possible before the Lord blesses us. With this in mind, I found a great “old world” map from a consignment shop and knew just what I wanted to do with it



First, I spray painted to frame white. It was a ugly brown color that I knew I didn’t want to go with anything. Then I took the glass out of the frame. The idea is that we place a pin on the map for every new place we travel to together.



So now, every time we get back from a new place, we get super excited to stick another pin on our map of places we’ve been.



I clustered the white frame along with other whites against my light gray wall for a little art in the hallway. This year is cotton, hmmm…not quite sure what I’ll do this year.

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honoring dad.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Father’s Day this past weekend. We took a trip to where my dad resides, the small town of Spruce Pine, NC. This weekend also happened to be the weekend when all of the rhododendron bushes were in bloom on top of Roan Mountain. This mountain has tons of  gorgeous hikes…which was our big plan for the day. Unfortunately, when climbing nearly 6300 feet, you find lots of rain and 50 degree weather in the middle June. Our big plans for a hike and picnic ended with 6 people packed in a small truck, throwing elbows and kicking ass…trying to make a sandwich. Oh and sending Shelbey, my 11 year old niece, out in the rain to the get the food out of the cooler. This could have been a disaster, but it actually turned out to be a fun afternoon. After the rain cleared, we were able to walk around and snap a few pics of the flowers…

These pictures don’t even do the view justice! This is what every scenic look off is like, I highly recommend this hike as a fun day trip!

Here’s a few fun pics of my dad and myself that I love. This first one was taken in a photo booth in New Jersey when I was two. I look like chubby boy and very unenthusiastic about taking a picture, but I love how young my dad looks. This is one of my favorites, and it hangs on my fridge.

Dad and [some of] his kids

Father- Daughter dance to “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?”

My Dad is super creative and the ultimate handy man! In my opinion he can make and fix anything. There are many things in my home that he is made…

This is a bulletin board that hangs over a desk in my kitchen. Makes for a perfect information center

This was a birthday gift. Sunflowers are my favorite! It’s a hand wood burned image, all made out of one piece of wood. The second picture shows more of the beautiful texture.

This was a monogram sign my dad made for my wedding. It hung above the entrance to my reception venue. It turned out great!

Next….I’m trying to talk him into making me a hope chest 🙂 Love ya Dad!!

love, b

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