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wedding favorites.

Since it’s my anniversary [week], I consider it okay to ramble on and on about my favorite day ever. So here’s a list of my top 10 favorite things about my wedding…

#10 The View

We landed a great venue for our reception, the Historic Rice Mill.  We even rented it for a great deal because our wedding was on a Sunday. The best part of this place was the view off the back porch.

#9: Cookies!

My good friend Beth helped me make these dress shaped cookies to ask my girls to be bridesmaids. Very cute and very yummy!

I think Caitlyn liked it.

#8: Family Wedding Pictures

It was fun to gather these timeless family heirlooms and display them for our guests to see. I learned a lot about mine and Jared’s family history from this little project. I made sure to label each picture so the guests weren’t left guessing.

#7: Bridesmaid Flowers

I had the hardest time deciding on flowers for my wedding, but I was really pleased with what my florist and I decided on for the bridesmaids flowers. I couldn’t think of a flower that went well with my colors, sage green and brown. So we went with a full bouquet of a different type of white flower for each girl. For example, one girl had a bouquet of all white lilies, while another girl had all white tulips, and so on and so forth.

#6: The Veil

I’m a huge fan of long veils. My seamstress was able to make this one and add on lace that I purchased at a boutique in Charleston.

#5: Wedding Pie

A decent wedding cake in Charleston will cost you at least $500. I was not prepared to drop this kind of money on dessert. We went with wedding pie, we had three different flavors of personal size pies for our guests to choose from. We also had a three tiered basket as the centerpiece of our pie table.

#4: My Bouquet

At last minute I chose to do a cluster of  baby’s breathe for my own bouquet. I’m not a big fan of baby’s breathe as a filler, but on it’s own I think it’s lovely! It was the perfect addition to the lace in my dress. I LOVED  my bouquet.

#3: Save the Dates

Photo booth picture we took at the mall, made regular 4×6 copies at Walmart. Then I cut the copy down to size, and slapped an information label and a magnet on the back. Bamm, diy save the date that saved me a ton of money.

#2: The Dance

Jared’s mom choreographed our first dance to the Michael Buble version of “The Best Is Yet To Come”. Jared turned out to be a way better dancer than me, he was very patient.

#1: A New Husband

My favorite part of my wedding, my biggest gain. I love this guy!


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Here’s some pics of our weekend getaway to Wrightsville Beach.


Dinner on the water. Us in all our sun-burnt glory.


Fun walking around downtown Wilmington

Wish we could go back…

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Jared and I are celebrating our two year anniversary today (whoa hoo)! It’s been a great day so far, with lots of sweet kisses, flowers, and one giant club sandwich that I made for him on his lunch break. But amongst the hazy, mushy gushiness that’s in the air today, I couldn’t help but wake up in a solemn mood and a sadness that held me back from smiling.

As you learned from my post yesterday, Jared’s grandfather passed away yesterday. A well lived, 90 some year life. In the midst of tears and sorrow, laughter and memories shared yesterday with the immediate family…I found my mind fixed on the ever present, consistent wife named Mary Lou at his bedside. What was she feeling? How was she handling this? What was helping her through? And above all these questions, one was pitted at the bottom of my stomach, how had she remained that “ever present, consistent wife” til the very end?

When I got hitched two years ago today, the feeling of being in love was so overwhelming, so intoxicating, I would have promised everything and anything to be able to spend the rest of my life with him. And that’s exactly what I did, I promised him everything. The Lord has been pretty damn good to Jared and I these past two years, so good in fact as I woke this morning I did not have the celebratory heart that one normal person might have. But instead I had a sense impending doom, of what’s to come. Sure there will be lots of happiness and love and new experiences and joy in our future. But that’s certainly not the only thing that is waiting for us. Ahead there lies sickness, tragedy, fights, money problems, hard decisions, death. And on top of this, add in an extra helping of the mundane ins and outs of everyday life. The getting swallowed up in the muddy filth of each others’ baggage and problems. The knowing each other on the most intimate of levels…that is NOT always pretty.

I’m not saying all of this to state that I am in anyway unhappy. I’m saying this as a big slap in the face of honesty. Good thing this slap came early in our marriage, about 6 months in. And there will be many more slaps in the face. So what made Mary Lou and Bob stay in through all the face slaps? How am I to withstand the slaps of life, of marriage? My only answer is Jesus. The Lord knew what he was doing when he created marriage. He did not only create it for the joys, for that love feeling, for the newness of it all. He created marriage for the mundane ins and outs of everyday life. He created marriage because He knew in this world there would be sickness, fighting, hard decisions, death. He knows the muddy filth that exists within all of us, that filth called sin. And yet He loves us anyway and He promises to always be there. Then he commands us to do the same for our spouse. Love them unconditionally, love them through the filth. Know them intimately, don’t be shocked by their sin. And face the hard things in life head on, together, clinging to the one true Hope…that Jesus saves and His Kingdom is eternal. There is something to live for beyond this life for those in Christ Jesus. I could not do this thing called marriage without this hope and truth.

It is that hope that though I am keenly aware of the reality of marriage, I am able to rejoice today, to have a celebratory heart. To be excited about what’s to come, not anxious. With my Savior, there is freedom in marriage, not captivity. I can love my husband and serve him without expecting in return. Because I am indeed filled to the brim with the love and grace of Christ. He has forgiven my husband and I, and we can drudge on, together. Just like Grandpa Bob and Mary Lou have done. What a way to remember the last two years, and with great expectation, anticipate the many years to come.

Now I am smiling.

love, b

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a legacy.

Be praying for my husband and his family today. They lost their Grandpa Bob this morning. He had been struggling with a blood disorder for sometime now, but had been receiving Hospice care for a couple months. He passed away peacefully in his home with his family by his side, including his wife of over 60 years!

I can’t say that I knew him well personally, but I know the people who’s lives he has helped shape, and I know that my husband is the wonderful man he is today in part because he had an attentive, supportive, and involved grandfather. This man has left a legacy, a legacy of having great faith in a great Savior. A strong family head, a loving husband, and a man the Matthews clan has raved about ever since I met them. They truly love this person who has left a tremendous impact on his family. What a wonderful way to complete life on earth.

I smile when I think about the joy and happiness he is experiencing right now, this good and faithful servant is being glorified with Jesus!!! Praise God.

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My friend Hannah and her hubby recently bought a gorgeous new home for their growing family. Hannah and I went looking at paint colors the other day. We had fun thumbing over greens and browns, an settled on a few colors so affectionately called “Foxy” and “Believable Buff” (as opposed to unbelievable buff). It was fun pondering shades and tones with this gal. One thing that I love about her style is that she’s not afraid of color. She stresses her love for warmth in her home. It’s a good stretch for me to think warm, as I am more drawn towards a cooler color palette. I was browsing through some websites and found that these deep, warm jewel tones are gorgeous, and seem to satisfy an appetite for comfort.


I’m loving teal.


And purple. I would go even a few shades darker, an eggplant maybe.


Emerald Green


Cobalt Blue.


Not crazy about the rest of the decor in this room, but wow does that Ruby Red make a statement or what?


These rooms give a dazzling, regal appeal….but are not over the top.  Love love love these risky, bold, and beautiful colors.


Have a wonderful weekend

love, b

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i’ve gone mantel.

I recently spotted this picture as I was browsing through pinterest.  I love the soft colors and the clusters of candles and bottles. It reminds me of a summer near the sea. What a great way to fill an empty hallway or a wall of a guest bedroom.



As for me, I thought I would replicate this inspiring shelf decor onto the mantel of my china hutch. But I had some spray painting to do. I had a couple of old lemonade bottles that I have saved because I loved their shape. Never really knowing what to do with them, they’ve been stashed away in a cabinet for about a year.


I bought some seafoam green spray paint, and along with some white paint that I already had…I went to town.




They turned out really well! I also had this glass apple that I bought months ago at The Salvation Army, with the intention of spray painting white for a porcelain look.



Here’s a pic of the finished project. This took only about an hour to put together, and the only cost I put forth was $3.50 for my new spray paint. Everything else I owned already, from the candlesticks to the Renoir print that I took from a calendar and framed a while back.




It’s a little late, but it’s my official summer mantel.

Now, go forth and spray paint 🙂

love, b

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nook book

I’m not a big reader myself, so to own an E-reader doesn’t do me much good. My mom however, is in love with her nook! She recently made this adorable nook cover…I was very impressed.




She made it with little pockets for notes.




Her skills are impressive! If you’re interested in tackling this same venture…she purchased the pattern from this etsy site:



happy reading.

love, b

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