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a bit fabricated.

Take a look at these fabulously curtained walls that really create a WOW-factor in any bedroom (among other things, hehe).

Genevieve Gorder, HGTV designer and judge on Design Star, says “The bed is the star of the bedroom, so don’t be afraid to go really dramatic behind it.”

Bold prints if you’ve got a simple bedspread.

Love the painting hung on this draped wall. I think a large mirror would look great too. Here’s a post about how to make the curtains look more built in.


Expanding into other areas of the house….


The living room


Softening the walls of the basements or laundry room.


What a difference fabric can make.


love, b


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Here are some pictures from our trip last weekend visiting Jared’s family in Oregon.

Jared and his sweet Grandma

Walking around downtown Portland

We took a couple days and headed to the beach. This was my first time seeing the Oregon coast, it was gorgeous.

Canon Beach. A little foggy, but still beautiful.


Can’t wait to visit Oregon again.


love, b

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greensboro love

Here’s an update on my subway sign project. Last weekend I was at my Dad’s house, so we tackled the job together. I knew exactly where I wanted the signs to go in my home, so I did some measurements to cut the wood down.  My Dad had two scrap pieces that happened to be the PERFECT size.  So on with the sanding and priming.

The letters on the signs actually came from the base coat. So if I wanted a more sleek look, I would have done two coats of the white prime. But I wanted them to look distressed, so I didn’t worry about the second coat.

After I let that coat dry over night, it was time for the vinyl letters. You can purchase different sized sticky letters at any craft store, or actual custom vinyl lettering on ETSY.com.

When I made my post here, I said that I wanted signs that featured street names and places from our home towns. But then, Jared and I decided that it would be meaningful to the two of us to focus more on the town where we met, fell in love, and started our life together. Sappy I know, but we know we won’t be in Gboro forever, so we want to make sure we take apart of it with us wherever we end up living in the future.

So Jared and I came up with our list of Greensboro favorites, and cut vinyl lettering, all in the same font but in different font sizes. This lettering went directly onto the primed boards, creating a stencil to paint over.

I also thought that we needed some numbers on the signs for visual variety.  Greensboro area code and our zip codes were perfect. I also added the year we came to Greensboro, 2004. Dang, that was a long time ago!

After my stencil was set, I started painting. Classic subway signs use a black background, but I went with a dark brown.

I even enlisted my little brother to help.

While the paint was still wet, I used a razor blade to lift up the stickers. If you wait until the paint is dry, you risk your stickers ripping, and the paint bleeding underneath.

Like I mentioned before I wanted an aged look. This meant that as soon as the paint was completely dry, it was time to beat up my brand new signs…

I started off by sanding

Look at that beautifully chipped corner

The letters were looking a little too crisp and white. So I stained them with what else, but coffee. Yes, I poured coffee all over my new sign.

My Dad and I even threw some stuff at it to bang it up a bit.

The mission to destroy was accomplished. The signs turned out to be delightfully distressed & antiqued.

I think they turned out perfect. The boards include shout outs to the streets each of us lived on when we were dating, the restaurant where we had our first meal together when we were “just friends”, the go-to coffee shop when we were in college, our church we attended for 7 years, the park we went to all the time when we were first married, locations of some favorite dates, and other memorable spots.

When I put them up in my kitchen, I’ll post some more pictures!

love, b

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mag snag.

Want some design inspiration but don’t want to spend the money on that expensive Domino magazine subscription? Then why not let someone else pay for it?


The Blanche Benjamin Branch Library has an awesome magazine exchange that you have to take advantage of! People drop off tons of old magazines everyday to this library. But usually these “old” magazines are aged by only a couple months. You don’t even have to drop off unwanted reads to pick up new-to-you mags. They are totally free and open to everyone.  A library card is not even necessary.


I picked up all these great finds today.


This library is located off Benjamin Parkway after the split from Bryan Boulevard in Greensboro. They might have magazine exchanges in other libraries in Greensboro, but I haven’t been able to find them.


I stop in from time to time and always have luck snagging some great finds. However, I think it’s time for me to start dropping some off myself, this Real Simple collection is getting a little ridiculous.


Hope you all have a great weekend!

love, b

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subway, my way.

I am currently loving these vintage subway signs. Even though I don’t live in a big city, the idea of bringing a piece of city life into the home makes me feel like a slicker.


True vintage signs like these can run you hundreds of dollars. But I’m inspired to try my own dyi project replicating the look. Though I love the original NYC hotspots,  New York isn’t a place that holds great significance to Jared and I. Instead, I’d like to create two signs featuring street names, neighborhoods, and other favorite spots from our home towns. Mine being a small town in the mountains, Spruce Pine, NC and Jared’s being Portland, Oregon. This way, the signs have a more personal meaning.

I’ll keep you updated on the project.

love, b

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a toast farewell.

My best friend left town today, and now I’m left in a mild state of depression. My BFF, Alyson, has lived here in Greensboro for 7 years, and now she’s off to the North for bigger and better things. Which I dont know what could be better than living in the South, but that’s another issue.

She didn’t leave without a proper goodbye from her good friends. Andrea and I took her out to eat to Basil’s & Co., a spin off of Sweet Basils, located on Westover Terrace. If you haven’t been there, you should definitely hit it up. Quality food and good prices.

After dinner we headed to a small dessert party at Maxi B’s!!

If you’re a girl and you live in Greensboro, you probably already know how stinkin’ cute this little dessert bakery is. But I bet you didn’t know that they have a private room that you can rent out for parties. It’s only $25 to rent out for a couple hours if you’re bringing food in. But we didn’t bring food in, so it was free!!

(love that rug)

I popped in before dinner to set up some flowers, a table runner, and and stuff for a champagne toast.

They provide cups and water to accompany your dessert. And if you want, they can have a cake there waiting for you! I just everyone head over next door and grab their own desserts and bring it back to the room.

Andrea and I had planned for everyone to be there waiting until we got there. This made for a sweet surprise for Alyson! She was so excited, and so was everyone else.

Cake. Memories shared. Laughter. Champagne. Tears. A good combination for a night celebrating a friend and her new journey. This gal means SO much to me, and I’m gonna miss her like crazzzzy.


go throw a party for someone you love a lot!

love, b

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