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I love it. You love it. It’s the first weekend of fall!!!!  Hope you all are enjoying the rainy crisp weather, pulling out the ol’ mulling spice candles, and trying your hand at the latest pumpkin-modified recipe. This time of year, I’m just plain happy.


DIY wreathe I made last year because I could not find one that was “just right”. It turned out to be much cheaper just making my own.



Obsessed with white pumpkins! Post about them to come.




Jared and I are hosting a “Kick Off Fall” block party on our street. Pray for good weather, and that we would build relationships with our neighbors.


Have a great weekend!


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the doors.

Not to be confused with the classic rock band from the late 60’s. This post is more along the lines of our trip to Ireland. We finally got around to putting some pictures up from our trip back in May.



This is the lovely pile of Ikea goodness that has been in guest room for four months, it was about time to take some action!

When in Dublin, we noticed that colorfully, loud doors were the trend among the downtown houses and businesses. We snapped as many different colors as we possibly could. Here were few of my favs.

I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with these pictures while I was racking up on all these shots of doors, but you can’t really go wrong with cheap white frames from Ikea.



So this is what I ended up with…

I’m a huge fan of the floating shelf. These particular shelves are specifically for displaying picture frames. You couldn’t really do much else with them. But it’s a more unique way of showing off yours pictures.




The memory of the Rocky Road to Dublin lives on….

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