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the great white pumpkin.

Whether they’re painted, ceremic, or “au naturale”…..I’m loving the clean, crisp look of these white pumpkins.











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bun in the oven.

Let me preface this post with….no, NOT me!! I do not have a bun in the oven. However,  this is a post about a really cute baby shower I recently went to. “Bun in the Oven” was the theme.

My friend Holly, star of the party, and her hubby aren’t finding out the sex until the baby comes in November. So Kelly and the other hosts had to think of a gender-neutral theme.

Kelly bought the “oven” template right off of etsy.com and used it to print her own invitations, table cards, and favor bags as seen above.

Lots of yummy food!! LOVE the pinwheel pops

Fruit kabobs, what a great idea.

Homemade mini-cinnamon buns.

More sweets. The mason jars to the right were filled with a berry cake, and tied with a ribbon.

Cardboard oven Kelly made out of a box, with the help of spray paint and construction paper. Actual buns in the oven, love it!!

Turquoise & Red

Cute cake with an oven on top!!

Beautiful Holly and her lovely hosts 🙂

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A few REALLY random pictures from the summer.




Summer dinner outside


Lots of weddings!!  Here was one of my favorite alters I saw. Overflowing greenery, and really cool candelabras.



I love the architecture of this Urban Outfitters, an old building in downtown Charleston.


Classic Tahlon, all boy.



Super cheesy, but I made us we had to do it!


Yummy peach cobbler 🙂 Oozing of all it’s peachy and cinnamony goodness.


Quincey cuddles on the couch.


Visiting Megan as a new mommy and meeting sweet Sarah.


Cool mirror that was in a hotel we stayed in.



Jonathon knows how to grub, especially at a church potluck.



Last but not least, the picture of Jared’s boxers. I had a conversation with a couple other girls at work (you know who you are), bonding over the fact that our husbands always leave their boxers on the bathroom floor, and we really don’t understand why?!?!? Here is an accumulation of a full work week’s worth of boxers….on the bathroom floor. [This photo was taken before I inevitably picked them up]

[permission to post the photo was received from Mr. Matthews]

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