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holiday inspiration: burlap

Decking the halls with the natural, woodsy look of this fabulous fabric, burlap.

Inexpensive tree skirt

Love this wreath!


Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week with a house full of family & friends, a belly full of food, and heart full of gratefulness.

love, b


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the ugly duckling.

This is a post about a dog, and a duck. I feel like a teary eyed mom who finds a two year old paci amongst the cushions of the couch and just wants to hang onto it forever. Or who finally threw away some of that preschool artwork that probably was just the working of the sweet and patient teacher. Okay, I’m getting a little dramatic here, but I had to throw something away and it was not easy.

The Duck.

If you’ve been to my home, you’ve probably experienced my dog, Quincey’s, wild side. Usually that “wild side” includes flinging this dingy, smelly, wet & slimy, ragged & ripped toy against your leg, with the hope that you would bypass the grossness, tossing it freely in the air sparking a playful game of fetch. Your response to this was probably : Ewe! Get that thing away from me.

As embarrasing as it was, I just could not throw this toy away, beacause it was Quincey’s first toy. It reminded me of a happy time, cuddling with a sweet puppy. I just couldn’t do it.

Cameo appearances featuring the duck in it’s prime.

But it now knows a new home. Because I know there will be more toys,  and greater joys….I finally tossed the sucker.

Goodbye ugly ducking, you had a good run. It was fun picking you out at PetSmart. Heck, I knew you before I knew my precious pooch.  And that pooch is now a sad pooch 😦 But a mommy’s gotta do what a mommy’s gotta do…let go.

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an update.

Many of you have asked if I had put up my subway signs yet. I got the idea from pictures like these…

I put my own spin on it by highlighting some of our favorite spots and memories in Greensboro.

Well, I finally got them up!! Here’s some pics of our new kitchen decor.

So excited about how they turned out!!

love, b

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