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holiday rpm.

Time for another random photo montage!!  Here’s some bits and pieces of what we did during this perfect holiday season.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without boys standing around watching football.

Some people that we love a lot (we were missing a special few)

Torturing Ashley…

Our house all aglow.

Family time in Salisbury

We got all dressed up and went to Jared’s work party at The Proximity Hotel. Lots of fun with awesome coworkers.

Christmas with my bible study girls.

My table all set for Christmas Eve dinner. Jared’s family came up and attended our Christmas Eve service that Jared led the music for. What a wonderful time of worship and reflection on what God has done.

Berries from my backyard.

Charlie Brown tree.

My Dad and his fam came to visit, and this was the only picture that we snapped. It makes me laugh, because it is so us. Despite the terrible picture in front of the P.F. Changs horse’s butt, we had a great time showing them around Greensboro at Christmas time. We took them to see the light balls in Sunset Hills, drove around Irving Park and looked at the houses all decked out for the holidays, and hit up Maxi B’s for some sweets.

The traditional-Christmas morning-post presents- in our PJ’s-dog in lap photo.

Homemade cinnamon rolls from my mother-in-law!


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last minute trimmings.

Well it’s three days before Christmas and I finally got around to making my burlap wreathe. I mentioned in this post that I wanted to make a wreathe like I this one I found on etsy.com.

So here’s how I did it. I bought this wreathe form from the Dollar Store. One dolla, holla!!

For this project, I also used a glue gun, push pins, scissors, and a spool of burlap. The burlap was extremely hard to find, hopefully you’ll have better luck. I ended up landing it from a specialty store.

You’ll be able to see the form after the burlap is applied, so you want to actually wrap it with the burlap. I didn’t want to waste it because I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough, so I just wrapped it in a neutral colored fabric that I already had. The cushion of the fabric wrap also gives a medium to hold your pins in place.

The trickiest part was learning how to fold it. I didn’t want to folds to look so uniformed, so I tried to make each fold a little different.

After you’ve made your fold, stick a pin in it!

To secure it, I hit it with the glue gun from the back and the front. (that sounds really dirty, haha)

Do this all the way around, and you’ll have yourself a pretty new wreathe. It looked like the wreathe from etsy had two rows of burlap. But I only had the patience for the one, and it looked fine, so I left it.

I have no idea how I made that bow. I had some extra ribbon and I just started folding it, and luckily I had success. I secured the bow with a safety pin, that way I can change out the bow every year for some variety.

happy last minute trimmings.

love, b

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hope in december.

These little beauties have been popping out these past couple weeks.

Blame it on the wacky North Carolina weather….

But I think it’s more than that. The pink of the roses stand out so much more this time of year. Why? Because everything is dead. There are no leaves to hide or upstage them. There’s no other color in my backyard to stear my gaze away from them. I open my door, and they are what I see.

The Lord has been revealing the beauty of hope in this season. Good ol’ fashion, Christ-centered, life-giving…hope. The stuff that our faith is built upon. Nothing on earth really compares to the satisfaction and the peace that comes from our hope in Christ. My God fulfills promises. He told us He was gonna give us a Savior, and da’gummit, He did. Christ tells us the Holy Spirit will be with us, and I feel and experience it everyday. He tells us that we will be santicified here on earth, and He’s doing just that. We’re told we have eternal life in Jesus, and that every tongue will confess Him to be King one day…and I have hope that this in deed, will also be true.

These roses are a reminder to me, that when all seems dead and gone…there’s Hope.


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let’s dance.

Here’s a cute gift idea for newlyweds! My friend Caitlin asked me to help her create this unique and sentimental gift for a girl whose wedding she had been the maid of honor for. She had seen lyrical photo mattes like these for sale online, but was sure this could be a successful DIY project.

For the best results, you have to buy a large matte to have ample room to write in. We used a 4×7 matte that fits an 8×10 frame.

The song for their first dance was “Green Eyes” by Coldplay. Great lyrics to work with.

When I was writing the lyrics, I did not account for the part of the matte around the edge that is covered when actually in the frame. Learn from my mistake, and leave about a half inch space between edge and the writing.

All done.

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