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what will it bee?

A few good friends and I enjoyed planning and prepping for a fun baby shower for a lady that we love a lot. Here’s a few shots of what we did for this gender neutral shower, and where we got our ideas from….

Jamie is waiting to find out the sex of the baby. We ran with that as our theme.

Affordable and adorable invitations from this website.

Our food table. Cupcake stand as a centerpiece. Black and white damask fabric over a plain white cloth. A punch of yellow fabric around the stand as an accent. Oh, and LOTS of yummy food.

jlphotography & design

Cupcake Holders where cut by hand by my friend Sarah using a template from this website. Cupcake toppers were handmade by Jennifer using a Cricut machine.

jlphotography & design

One of the cheapest and easiest things to make…tissue paper pom poms. I use  this tutorial as a no-fail guide.

jlphotography & design

Recently I have been trying my hand at sugar cookie decorating. I’ve tried a bunch of different royal icing recipes, this is the best one I’ve found that dries well and tastes good. ** use the recipe with the meringue powder**

I turned these into little favors.

Fabric banner sewn by Jennifer.

jlphotography & design

We also used maternity shots that Jennifer took to display around the party. Here are just a few from JL Photography and Design.


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i just got carted.

I’ve been looking to buy a kitchen cart to fill a small space in my kitchen. I wasn’t able to find exactly what I wanted, for the price I could afford….so I decided to turn a free standing cabinet into one.



I picked up this beauty probably about 5 years ago off the side of the road. I’ve painted it since and now use it as extra storage in the kitchen. I wasn’t really feeling the red anymore, but I really like how roomy it is.


As I looked more at pictures like this one…


…it seemed the free standing cabinet could be turned into a kitchen cart. So I set off to see how much this would cost me. I wanted to stay under $50. I haven’t found one that cheap, not one with a granite top. I called up a few granite shops around Greensboro, and it seemed that a granite top was feasible.

I landed a remnant that could be cut to size and polished for $40. SWEET!! I gave the guys at Rocky Top Inc. my measurements, and set off to find my other hardware.



I found a four-pack of wheels at Home Depot for under $4. I just drilled a hole in the pegs of the cabinet and liquid nailed the wheels in.


I already owned some brown paint from a leftover paint job, so that was free!!



Wheels on and a new color. Almost done.


The granite top made the biggest difference. I wasn’t too sure about the brown, but after the granite was on top, it was perfect.

I found this towel rack at Habitat for Humanity Restore for just a dolla!!! It was the perfect length.


Finished project.







Grand total= $44.95


I’ll take it!

love, b

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winter babies.

Last weekend I was able to go down to Charleston and meet my adorable great nephew, Shane Harrison….

What a joy he is!! I’m so proud of my niece, she’s such a good mommy already.

And, My friend Caitlin and I got to meet another handsome fella the other day, baby Zander

Pretty mama, cute baby

Congrats to Ashley on her beautiful baby boy. I’m going to miss her at work though 😦

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